Lingerie’s Coming Out Party

Undergarments have gone over the top. The latest trend in lingerie is to pair favorite pieces with a ready-to-wear garment, allowing women to show off certain types of lingerie that they couldn’t-or wouldn’t-showinthepast.

You probably don’t need to be a fashion historian to know that this trend marks a change in fashion rules dating back for decades. Yet stylists say it’s an idea whose time has come-and one that’s truly taking off.

For instance, Spiegel Brands Inc. recently launched Cami Intimate-a line that features five collections of sexy, stylish lingerie that’s just “too pretty to hide.” Each collection is paired with a coordinating sweater or cardigan that allows the lingerie to tastefully “peek out.” Here’s a closer look:

• The Flirty Collection features chic, ultimately comfortable, seamless mesh lingerie embellished with gorgeous floral embroidery. All pieces are designed with nylon and spandex to provide comfort and a perfect fit.



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