Many Girls Start Off Wearing The Wrong Size Bra.

Do you know what Size you are? Have you had yourself measured by an expert? What will you be using the bra for, support, sports, coverage etc..?

Many girls don’t start off with the right bra and carryonmakingthis mistake through most of their lives. As teens are constantly growing, the strains that can be caused by a poorly fitting bra can lead to later problems with posture and back pain. That?s why we suggest that you should be measured by a bra expert at least twice a year or after every evident growth. A first bra is not an all-rounder, it is not suitable for every occasion. Nowadays, Bras are available in many varieties; support, sports, wireless, underwired, backless, strapless and the list goes on. You should really have a variety of bras, each one for a specific activity and role.

A few helpful tips:
A bra should not be too tight, as a teenager?s breasts are still developing.
The most important thing to remember is comfort.
Make sure the bra strap doesn’t cut into your shoulders.
Make sure your breasts don’t hang out of the bottom, sides or top of the bra.
Support is not only for large cup sizes. Smaller cup sizes need support too, to avoid unsightly future stretch marks.
A simple training bra, or Sports Bra will be perfect for your fist one, and they are available in all sizes from small, medium to large. Training bras are for younger girls who have started to develop breasts but do not fit into the average bra sizes. If your breasts are larger than average and require a full fitting bra, thenyoushould


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